Prep station

Coil lifted off walking beam. Banding cut by robotic de-bander to allow the coil to enter the feeder table through pinch rollers and flattener.

End sheared to produce square cut. Automatic screw jack blade gap adjuster to give the optimum blade gap of 10% metal thickness.

Industry Sectors

Although the company was started initially targeting the automotive industry, we have expanded into many different industry sectors, these include but are not limited to :-

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Inspection and Test Equipment
  • Military
  • Sub-Sea
  • Automation
  • Jig & Tool

The industry sectors in which we have been involved has been extremely diverse.

Diversification has been the key to our success, with fluctuations in the fortunes of most industries, the need to be flexible and adapt has been essential. Flexibility has also kept us keen, constantly learning about different businesses, processes and techniques, enabling us to utilise and apply these techniques where appropriate.