The function of this machine was to test the build quality of 2 ducts by means of a leak test. The ducts were loaded into the machine separately and air blown into one end to a certain pressure, so that any fall in pressure could be measured and therefore any leaks detected. Each part was located on CNC formed blocks and clamped in place before the sealing bungs were slid into a locked position. After the part had passed the leak test, a marker engraved the date into the part as a visual indication that it had been tested. Our customer supplied us with the design for the ducts but all other design work was carried out by Dalton Farrow.


Inspection Equipment

SPC Gauge for an axle

One of numerous gauging tools designed for a local precision engineering company for gauging an axle, we have also designed gauges and test machines to verify acceptable movement/loads of various assemblies, including sliding sun roof mechanisms, locks and clutches to mention but a few.

Industry Sectors

Although the company was started initially targeting the automotive industry, we have expanded into many different industry sectors, these include but are not limited to :-

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Inspection and Test Equipment
  • Military
  • Sub-Sea
  • Automation
  • Jig & Tool

The industry sectors in which we have been involved has been extremely diverse.

Diversification has been the key to our success, with fluctuations in the fortunes of most industries, the need to be flexible and adapt has been essential. Flexibility has also kept us keen, constantly learning about different businesses, processes and techniques, enabling us to utilise and apply these techniques where appropriate.